PRESS 2018.09.12
TANAKA Develops 70°C Low-temperature Sintering Technology Using Silver Nano Ink and Full-surface Silver Metal Film Forming Technology Using Etching ProcessesPDF(PDF:211KB)
PRESS 2018.07.10
TANAKA Expands FC Catalyst Production Capacity. This expansion has seven times the current production capacity.This enables TANAKA to meet rising future global demand for commercial fuel cell vehiclesPDF(PDF:192KB)
PRESS 2018.04.17
TANAKA Confirms Improvement in Bending Durability of Flexible Touch Panels With Single-Sided, Dual-Layer Wiring Structure Metal Mesh FilmPDF(PDF:438KB)
PRESS 2018.04.03
TANAKA Begins Sample Shipments of SKe-Lid Glass Lids Made of Quartz with AuSn for Deep Ultraviolet LEDsPDF(PDF:307KB)
PRESS 2018.02.21
TANAKA to Exhibit at FC EXPO 2018 First exhibition of a catalyst coated membrane for evaluating electrode catalysts for water electrolysisPDF(PDF:251KB)
PRESS 2018.01.16
A Bendable Touch Panel Achieved with Silver Nano Ink Printing Technology(A Result of NexTEP: Joint Industry-Academia Practical Application Development Project)PDF(PDF:600KB)
NEWS 2018.01.15
EEJA to Exhibit at NEPCON JAPAN 2018
PRESS 2018.01.10
TANAKA Begins Shipments of SJeva, a Newly-developed, High-Quality Au Deposition Material. SJeva effective at reducing non-metallic inclusions in products.PDF(PDF:224KB)


PRESS 2017.07.28
Tanaka Precious Metals to Exhibit at SEMICON WEST 2017PDF(PDF:466KB)
PRESS 2017.05.31
Electroplating Engineers of Japan Develops Innovative Direct Patterning Plating Technology that Opens the Potential of New-Generation ElectronicsPDF(PDF:482KB)
PRESS 2017.02.27
TANAKA to Exhibit at FC EXPO 2017PDF(PDF:219KB)


PRESS 2016.07.12
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. Acquires the Shares of Metalor Technologies International SA, Making it a Wholly Owned SubsidiaryPDF(PDF:46KB)
NEWS 2016.07.05
TANAKA will be attending to Semicon WEST 2016
PRESS 2016.06.07
TANAKA develops ZIKA virus detection kitPDF(PDF:243KB)
PRESS 2016.05.17
Tanaka’ s Platinum Electrode Catalysts for Fuel Cells to be Used in Honda’s All-new Clarity Fuel Cell VehiclePDF(PDF:199KB)
PRESS 2016.04.20
Development of a New Principle Printing Technique That Allows Easy, High-speed, and Large-area Manufacturing of Ultrafine Electronic CircuitsPDF(PDF:694KB)
NEWS 2016.04.18
Information related to the recent 2016 Kumamoto earthquakesPDF(PDF:35KB)
PRESS 2016.04.12
TANAKA and S.E.I. Develop High-Power LED Modules Using AuRoFUSE™ Low-Temperature Bonding MaterialPDF(PDF:273KB)
PRESS 2016.02.29
TANAKA to Exhibit at FC EXPO 2016PDF(PDF:223KB)
NEWS 2016.02.12
We explain the surprising role that precious metals play in cars.
PRESS 2016.02.04
TANAKA to Exhibit at MD&M West 2016PDF(PDF:277KB)


PRESS 2015.11.26
Tanaka Precious Metals to Start Full-scale Mass Production of CDF-10 on December 1: Long-life, Inexpensive Cadmium-free Electrical Contact Material for Vehicles, Smartphones and Consumer ElectronicsPDF(PDF:235KB)
PRESS 2015.10.01
Tanaka Precious Metals Establishes TANAKA America in Silicon Valley as Base for Global StrategyPDF(PDF:166KB)
PRESS 2015.09.17
Precious Metals Research Grants of Up to 5 Million Yen Offered by the Tanaka Memorial Foundation Applications for Research Projects Open on October 1PDF(PDF:167KB)
PRESS 2015.09.10
Electroplating Engineers of Japan Establishes Local Subsidiary in ShanghaiPDF(PDF:172KB)
PRESS 2015.07.15
Electroplating Engineers of Japan Launches Semiconductor Wafer Cup-type Ultra-compact Plating Laboratory Equipment on July 15, Enabling Plating Equivalent to Mass Production MachinesPDF(PDF:185KB)
NEWS 2015.07.13
【Apology】Website Shutdown Due to System Maintenance
PRESS 2015.04.07
Establishment of Mass Production System for Textured Cu Metal Substrates Using YBCO Superconducting WirePDF(PDF:280KB)
PRESS 2015.03.31
Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Recipients of “Precious Metals Research Grants”PDF(PDF:276KB)
PRESS 2015.03.10
EEJA Achieves the World's First Successful Development of Technology for the Simultaneous Formation of Contact Electrodes for p-Type and n-Type Organic Semiconductor Crystals Using the Plating MethodPDF(PDF:286KB)
PRESS 2015.02.24
TANAKA to Have Exhibit at FC EXPO 2015PDF(PDF:167KB)
PRESS 2015.01.15
Successful Development of a New Catalyst for Efficiently Collecting Tritium in Nuclear Fusion ReactorsPDF(PDF:648KB)


PRESS 2014.11.18
World's First Success in Development and Formation of Platinum-based Metallic Glass Powder for 3D PrintersPDF(PDF:391KB)
PRESS 2014.11.04
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo to Commence Provision of Spark Plug Electrode Platinum Tip Able to Halve Material CostsPDF(PDF:243KB)
PRESS 2014.10.29
TANAKA to Commercialize Dye for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Developed by The University of Tokyo to Be Able to Generate Power from Near Infrared LightPDF(PDF:395KB)
PRESS 2014.09.30
TANAKA and Kuraray Chemical to Jointly Develop Activated Carbon Filters Enabling Recovery of Upwards of 99.8% of Palladium Contained in Plating Rinse Wastewater, and Commence Leasing in SeptemberPDF(PDF:237KB)
PRESS 2014.09.25
TANAKA to Have Exhibit at glasstec 2014PDF(PDF:547KB)
PRESS 2014.09.01
Applications for the Subjects of the “Precious Metals Research Grants” of Up to 5 Million Yen Open on September 1PDF(PDF:96KB)
PRESS 2014.07.29
TANAKA and MEMS CORE Conclude Joint Development Agreement and Commit to Technology Alliance Building a mounting center for MEMS patterning using low-temperature bonding material utilizing gold particlPDF(PDF:1007KB)
PRESS 2014.07.23
Electroplating Engineers of Japan Commences Provision of Electroless Immersion Gold Plating Solution Enabling Plating on Semiconductor Package Substrates without Using Highly Toxic Cyanide CompoundsPDF(PDF:167KB)
PRESS 2014.07.08
TANAKA Develops Silver Paste Able to Form Electronic Circuits Using UV Curing to Support Screen PrintingPDF(PDF:213KB)
PRESS 2014.03.31
Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Recipients of “Precious Metals Research Grants”PDF(PDF:146KB)
PRESS 2014.01.14
Tanaka Precious Metals Commence Sales of Highly Electrically Conductive Silver Alloy Bonding Wire on January 15PDF(PDF:218KB)
PRESS 2014.01.08
Tanaka Precious Metals Commences Sales of High Heat-resistant Aluminum Alloy Bonding Wire on January 9PDF(PDF:243KB)


PRESS 2013.12.10
Tanaka Precious Metals, Newlong Seimitsu Kogyo and Taiyo Chemical Industry Commence to Provide Submicron Gold Particle Micro-composite Pattern Printing Technology on December 4PDF(PDF:223KB)
PRESS 2013.11.26
Tanaka Precious Metals Succeeds in Recovery of Trace Amounts of Precious Metals by Detoxifying Cyanogen Plating Waste LiquidPDF(PDF:120KB)
PRESS 2013.09.26
Tanaka Precious Metals Establishes a Local Subsidiary in Singapore and Commences Operation on October 1PDF(PDF:115KB)
PRESS 2013.08.29
Applications for the Subjects of the 2013 “Precious Metals Research Grants” Open on September 2PDF(PDF:87KB)
NEWS 2013.08.21
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PRESS 2013.07.08
Electroplating Engineers of Japan (EEJA) has launched “POSFER-E series”, which is compact, highly-functional and fully-automated electroplating semiconductor wafer equipment at a competitive pricePDF(PDF:143KB)
NEWS 2013.07.03
TANAKA will be attending to Semicon WEST 2013
NEWS 2013.05.28
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PRESS 2013.05.09
Tanaka Precious Metals First to Obtain ISO/IEC17025 Accreditation for Silver Analysis Technology in JapanPDF(PDF:167KB)
PRESS 2013.04.16
Tanaka Precious Metals Records Highest Shipment Volume of Copper Bonding Wire in 2012 at Approximately Doubling the Previous Year’s VolumePDF(PDF:146KB)
PRESS 2013.03.28
Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Recipients of “Precious Metals Research Grants”PDF(PDF:122KB)
PRESS 2013.03.21
Tanaka Precious Metals Commences Supply of Ultra-compact Crystal Oscillator Package Bonding Material Able to Halve Material Cost on March 22PDF(PDF:434KB)
PRESS 2013.02.26
Tanaka Precious Metals Constructs Dedicated Plant for the Development and Manufacture of Fuel Cell CatalystsPDF(PDF:78KB)
NEWS 2013.01.24
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" February.2013 (English)PDF(PDF:862KB)
PRESS 2013.01.10
Tanaka Precious Metals Commences Providing Samples of High-performance Copper Bonding Wire and Silver Bonding Wire Aimed at Mass Production This SpringPDF(PDF:128KB)


NEWS 2012.12.04
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry"December.2012 (English)PDF(PDF:926KB)
NEWS 2012.11.06
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry"November2012 (English)PDF(PDF:1251KB)
PRESS 2012.09.11
Tanaka Precious Metals Developes High-temperature Thermometer Wire Ten Times Conventional Strength - Samples Available from September 12PDF(PDF:195KB)
PRESS 2012.08.30
Applications for the Subjects of “Precious Metals Research Grants” Open on September 3PDF(PDF:62KB)
NEWS 2012.08.23
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry"SEPTEMBER2012 (English)PDF(PDF:2236KB)
PRESS 2012.08.23
South Korean Heesung Metal Commences Production and Supply of Liquid Crystal Driver IC Plating Solution from Electroplating Engineers of JapanPDF(PDF:161KB)
PRESS 2012.08.21
“Development of Embolic Coils Using a Non-magnetic Alloy” by Tanaka Precious Metals and Others to be Adopted in a Project Commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryPDF(PDF:287KB)
PRESS 2012.07.23
Tanaka Precious Metals Recognized as Elite Supplier of Fuel Cell Catalysts by Ballard Power Systems 5th Consecutive TimePDF(PDF:98KB)
PRESS 2012.07.10
Tanaka Precious Metals opens supply centers in Taiwan, Korea and U.S.A. for thin-film material used in miniaturization technology for next-generation semiconductors, halving delivery times and costsPDF(PDF:63KB)
NEWS 2012.05.31
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry"JUNE2012 (English)PDF(PDF:1894KB)
PRESS 2012.05.29
World-first Replacement of Power Semiconductor Wire with Copper for Mass Production Tanaka Precious Metals Introduces Thick Copper Wire for New Japan RadioPDF(PDF:73KB)
PRESS 2012.05.29
Tanaka Precious Metals Records Highest Shipment Volume of Fuel Cell Catalysts in FY2011PDF(PDF:124KB)
PRESS 2012.04.12
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo Starts Providing Active Brazing Filler Metal Able to Directly Bond to Ceramics at Half the Conventional CostPDF(PDF:191KB)
PRESS 2012.04.06
Tanaka Precious Metals Succeeds in Development of World’s First Platinum Electrode Able to Produce Ozone Solution at 40 Times Existing EfficiencyPDF(PDF:146KB)
NEWS 2012.03.30
Ad Featuring Augmented Reality to be Published in April 2012 Issue of "Asia Electronics Industry" (English Version)PDF(PDF:823KB)
NEWS 2012.03.30
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" April 2012 (English)PDF(PDF:515KB)
PRESS 2012.03.29
Tanaka Precious Metals Group Announces Recipients of “Precious Metals Research Grants”PDF(PDF:37KB)
PRESS 2012.03.27
Tanaka Precious Metals Relocates US Sales Subsidiary to ChicagoPDF(PDF:120KB)
PRESS 2012.01.31
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Establishes Production Subsidiary in Taiwan to Begin Manufacturing of Copper Bonding Wire on February 1"PDF(PDF:88KB)
NEWS 2012.01.27
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" February 2012 (English)PDF(PDF:1687KB)
PRESS 2012.01.19
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Develops World’s First Ruthenium Material Able to Form a Film Up to Six Times the Normal Depth for DRAM Capacitor Electrodes"PDF(PDF:345KB)
NEWS 2012.01.18
網站開幕! 网站开幕! 웹 사이트 오픈!
PRESS 2012.01.17
Press Release; " Tanaka Precious Metals Begins Providing World’s First Silver Ink Able to Form Electronic Circuits with UV Light"
PRESS 2012.01.12
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Begins Sale of Three High-Functional Bonding Wire Products"


PRESS 2011.12.26
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Exclusively Supply Ruthenium Dye for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells"
NEWS 2011.12.26
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" January 2012 (English)PDF(PDF:766KB)
PRESS 2011.12.15
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Starts Operation of Sodegaura Plant on January 5 Next Year"
NEWS 2011.12.08
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PRESS 2011.11.30
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals begins full-scale operation of Malaysian local subsidiary on December 1"
NEWS 2011.11.25
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" December 2011 (Chinese)PDF(PDF:1703KB)
PRESS 2011.11.08
Press Release; Palladium Alloy Plating Solution is Able to Mass-Produce Electrical Contacts as a Substitute for Gold
NEWS 2011.11.01
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" November 2011 (English)PDF(PDF:618KB)
PRESS 2011.09.13
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Expands Lineup of Electron Beam Welding Materials"
PRESS 2011.08.31
Press Release; "Applications for the Subjects of “Precious Metals Research Grants” Open on September 1"
NEWS 2011.08.30
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" September 2011 (English)PDF(PDF:828KB)
PRESS 2011.08.04
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals First to Obtain ISO/IEC17025 Accreditation for Platinum and Palladium Analysis Technology in Japan"
NEWS 2011.07.25
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" August 2011 (Chinese)PDF(PDF:1832KB)
PRESS 2011.07.12
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals and SUSS MicroTec to Jointly Develop Sub-micron Gold Particle Pattern Transfer and Bonding Technology"
PRESS 2011.07.11
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals to Start Producing Copper Bonding Wire in 3 Locations Supply Network Risk Diversification and Doubling Production Capacity"
PRESS 2011.06.28
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Shipment Volume (Index) of Fuel Cell Catalyst for FY2010, Record Shipment Volume of Fuel Cell Catalysts"PDF(PDF:126KB)
PRESS 2011.06.13
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals to Begin Sale of Silver Bonding Wire"
PRESS 2011.05.31
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Recipients of "Precious Metals Research Grants""PDF(PDF:174KB)
NEWS 2011.05.25
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" June 2011PDF(PDF:744KB)
PRESS 2011.05.10
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Recognized as Elite Supplier of Fuel Cell Catalysts by Ballard Power Systems"PDF(PDF:132KB)
NEWS 2011.04.18
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" April 2011PDF(PDF:448KB)
NEWS 2011.02.28
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" February 2011 (Chinese)PDF(PDF:1270KB)
PRESS 2011.01.19
Press Release; "Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo to Begin Joint Development of Silver Analysis Technology Aiming at Establishing Global Standard with Japan Mint."PDF(PDF:73KB)


PRESS 2010.11.30
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Shipment Volume (Index) of Fuel Cell Catalyst between FY2004 and the First Half of FY2010."PDF(PDF:107KB)
PRESS 2010.11.24
Press Release; "TOKYO ELECTRON and TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO succeeded the Joint Development of Innovative Recycling Process of Ruthenium Precursors."PDF(PDF:92KB)
NEWS 2010.11.12
Press Release (for China); "Tanaka Precious Metals to Begin Providing Japan's First Large Silver Cylindrical Sputtering Target with a Three Times the Efficiency of Existing Items."
NEWS 2010.09.15
Press Release (for Korea); "First in the world, Tanaka Precious Metals, EEJA, establishes new electroplating solution for Palladium Bumping in substitution for Gold Bumpong in LCD-driver IC."
NEWS 2010.09.07
Press Release (for China); "First in the world, Tanaka Precious Metals, EEJA, establishes new electroplating solution for Palladium Bumping in substitution for Gold Bumpong in LCD-driver IC."
PRESS 2010.09.03
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals succeeds in development of high-sensitivity in-vitro diagnostic kit"PDF(PDF:193KB)
PRESS 2010.08.30
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Shipping Volume of Bonding Wire between January 2008 and June 2010"
PRESS 2010.08.24
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals First to Obtain ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation for Gold Analysis Technology in Japan"PDF(PDF:204KB)
PRESS 2010.07.14
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals establishes ultrathin membrane processing technology for palladium-based hydrogen separation (permeation) membranes"PDF(PDF:236KB)
PRESS 2010.07.13
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Opens its Branch Office in San Jose, USA"PDF(PDF:62KB)
PRESS 2010.04.05
Press Release; "Easy to use Pork Detection Kits" for the Detection of Pork in Food"PDF(PDF:878KB)