Precious Metal Film Formation Methods

Plating Equipment

We offer high-performance plating equipment that supports cutting-edge plating technology.

We offer various types of wafer plating equipment in accordance with a customer's needs, from mass-production systems to prototyping or low-volume production. Our comprehensive plating system focuses on compatibility with chemical processes and, with its high performance, is capable of coping with advancing technology such as wafers of increasing diameters and decreasing chip sizes.

Plating System for 300 mm Wafer Processing

Mass-production type fully automated system for automated lines POSFER 300

  • Capable of being installed in 300 mm automated lines
  • High speed production line for large diameter wafers
  • SEMI, CE marking certified
  • Wafer Size:300 mm

Plating System for Wafer Bump Plating

Fully-automated system for mass production POSFER C Series

  • Designed for easy production scale-up
  • Process control functions for high quality plating deposits
  • High operability with selectable automatic and manual modes
  • Wafer Size:100-200 mm

Plating system for CSP, via and MEMS

Compact, fully-automated system for mass production POSFER E

  • 40% smaller footprint (in-house comparison)
  • Stir-cup equipped with paddle stirring mechanism inside cup
    (Suitable for bumps, vias, rewiring, W-CSP and MEMS)
  • Wafer size : 100-200 mm

Plating System for Wafer Level CSP

Fully-automated system for mass production - Multi-Layer Film Formation POSFER M

  • Fully-automated system for multi-layer plating
  • Designed for per unit production scale-up
  • Wafer Size:100-200 mm

Plating system for prototyping and low-volume production

Semi-automated system for prototyping or low-volume production Stir CUP-PLATER/CUP-PLATER

  • Systems available for prototyping to production on a mass scale
  • Semi-automatic type with high practicality and maintainability
  • Wafer Size:100-300 mm

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