Electrical Relay and Connection Technology

Electrical Contact Materials

We offer cadmium-free silver oxide contact materials for a wide range of applications.

Fine oxide particles are evenly dispersed in contact materials for relays and switches to improve durability and contact reliability. Upon your request, we offer these silver oxide contacts in various shapes such as rivet contacts and crossbar contacts.


  • Stable contact resistance with evenly distributed oxides
  • Improved durability with excellent welding resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance and even erosion patterns have enabled lighter, thinner, and smaller contacts and contributed to a reduction in costs.


No. Composition Typical applications Vickers
hardness (Hv)
Ag (wt%) Oxide types
BZE-08 91.0 ZnO AC switches,
magnet switches
90 78 9.8
BZE-40 88.0 ZnO, CuO Automotive horns 85 75 9.6
FE-160 88.3 SnO2 AC relays and switches Relays and switches for automotive use 120 70 9.9
SIE-14B 89.9 SnO2,
AC relays and switches 100 75 10.0
SIE-29B 88.0 AC relays 100 73 10.0
SIE-18B 87.5 AC relays, relays for automotive use 110 70 9.9
SIE-21DK 85.5 Relays for automotive use 95 72 9.8
TSE-173 88.0 Relays for automotive use 85 77 9.9
TSE-212F 85.5 Relays for automotive use 100 70 9.8
TSE-253F 84.0 Relays for automotive use 90 70 9.8

Compositions other than those listed above are available.


Relays and switches for automotive, consumer, and industrial use, and magnet switches, breakers, etc.

Metal texture of TSE-212F

Metal texture of TSE-212F

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