TANAKA’s Strengths

Corporate Philosophy The TANAKA Group:A leading company in the field of precious metals,With superior creativity and technical excellence,We build customer trust through rapid responses that exceed expectations,Contribute to the creation of a prosperous society,As well as to the future of the planet through sustainable use of precious metals.

TANAKA Kikinzoku Group started life in 1885 as a money exchange business dealing with precious metals in Tokyo. From that time, the company has supported the growth of society through the provision of industrial products made from precious metals.

Continuing forward under the slogan of “Mastering Precious Metals,” through research, development and stable supply of precious metals and other materials, TANAKA will proactively challenge environmental issues, energy measures and pollution measures, contributing to the creation of a prosperous society and to the future of the planet.

Mastering Precious Metals

TANAKA Kikinzoku Group is a leading company in the field of precious metals.

Total Solutions

TANAKA Kikinzoku Group provides a One Stop Service for everything about precious metals.

Ultimate Cost Reductions through Recycling

TANAKA Kikinzoku Group offers customers cost-reduction solutions based on considerable recycling experience.