PRESS 2018.04.17
TANAKA Confirms Improvement in Bending Durability of Flexible Touch Panels With Single-Sided, Dual-Layer Wiring Structure Metal Mesh FilmPDF(PDF:438KB)
PRESS 2018.04.03
TANAKA Begins Sample Shipments of SKe-Lid Glass Lids Made of Quartz with AuSn for Deep Ultraviolet LEDsPDF(PDF:307KB)
PRESS 2018.02.21
TANAKA to Exhibit at FC EXPO 2018 First exhibition of a catalyst coated membrane for evaluating electrode catalysts for water electrolysisPDF(PDF:251KB)
PRESS 2018.01.16
A Bendable Touch Panel Achieved with Silver Nano Ink Printing Technology(A Result of NexTEP: Joint Industry-Academia Practical Application Development Project)PDF(PDF:600KB)
NEWS 2018.01.15
EEJA to Exhibit at NEPCON JAPAN 2018
PRESS 2018.01.10
TANAKA Begins Shipments of SJeva, a Newly-developed, High-Quality Au Deposition Material. SJeva effective at reducing non-metallic inclusions in products.PDF(PDF:224KB)


PRESS 2017.07.28
Tanaka Precious Metals to Exhibit at SEMICON WEST 2017PDF(PDF:466KB)
PRESS 2017.05.31
Electroplating Engineers of Japan Develops Innovative Direct Patterning Plating Technology that Opens the Potential of New-Generation ElectronicsPDF(PDF:482KB)
PRESS 2017.02.27
TANAKA to Exhibit at FC EXPO 2017PDF(PDF:219KB)


PRESS 2016.07.12
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. Acquires the Shares of Metalor Technologies International SA, Making it a Wholly Owned SubsidiaryPDF(PDF:46KB)
NEWS 2016.07.05
TANAKA will be attending to Semicon WEST 2016
PRESS 2016.06.07
TANAKA develops ZIKA virus detection kitPDF(PDF:243KB)
PRESS 2016.05.17
Tanaka’ s Platinum Electrode Catalysts for Fuel Cells to be Used in Honda’s All-new Clarity Fuel Cell VehiclePDF(PDF:199KB)
PRESS 2016.04.20
Development of a New Principle Printing Technique That Allows Easy, High-speed, and Large-area Manufacturing of Ultrafine Electronic CircuitsPDF(PDF:694KB)
NEWS 2016.04.18
Information related to the recent 2016 Kumamoto earthquakesPDF(PDF:35KB)
PRESS 2016.04.12
TANAKA and S.E.I. Develop High-Power LED Modules Using AuRoFUSE™ Low-Temperature Bonding MaterialPDF(PDF:273KB)
PRESS 2016.02.29
TANAKA to Exhibit at FC EXPO 2016PDF(PDF:223KB)
NEWS 2016.02.12
We explain the surprising role that precious metals play in cars.
PRESS 2016.02.04
TANAKA to Exhibit at MD&M West 2016PDF(PDF:277KB)


PRESS 2015.11.26
Tanaka Precious Metals to Start Full-scale Mass Production of CDF-10 on December 1: Long-life, Inexpensive Cadmium-free Electrical Contact Material for Vehicles, Smartphones and Consumer ElectronicsPDF(PDF:235KB)
PRESS 2015.10.01
Tanaka Precious Metals Establishes TANAKA America in Silicon Valley as Base for Global StrategyPDF(PDF:166KB)
PRESS 2015.09.17
Precious Metals Research Grants of Up to 5 Million Yen Offered by the Tanaka Memorial Foundation Applications for Research Projects Open on October 1PDF(PDF:167KB)
PRESS 2015.09.10
Electroplating Engineers of Japan Establishes Local Subsidiary in ShanghaiPDF(PDF:172KB)
PRESS 2015.07.15
Electroplating Engineers of Japan Launches Semiconductor Wafer Cup-type Ultra-compact Plating Laboratory Equipment on July 15, Enabling Plating Equivalent to Mass Production MachinesPDF(PDF:185KB)
NEWS 2015.07.13
【Apology】Website Shutdown Due to System Maintenance
PRESS 2015.04.07
Establishment of Mass Production System for Textured Cu Metal Substrates Using YBCO Superconducting WirePDF(PDF:280KB)
PRESS 2015.03.31
Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Recipients of “Precious Metals Research Grants”PDF(PDF:276KB)
PRESS 2015.03.10
EEJA Achieves the World's First Successful Development of Technology for the Simultaneous Formation of Contact Electrodes for p-Type and n-Type Organic Semiconductor Crystals Using the Plating MethodPDF(PDF:286KB)
PRESS 2015.02.24
TANAKA to Have Exhibit at FC EXPO 2015PDF(PDF:167KB)
PRESS 2015.01.15
Successful Development of a New Catalyst for Efficiently Collecting Tritium in Nuclear Fusion ReactorsPDF(PDF:648KB)


PRESS 2014.11.18
World's First Success in Development and Formation of Platinum-based Metallic Glass Powder for 3D PrintersPDF(PDF:391KB)
PRESS 2014.11.04
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo to Commence Provision of Spark Plug Electrode Platinum Tip Able to Halve Material CostsPDF(PDF:243KB)
PRESS 2014.10.29
TANAKA to Commercialize Dye for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Developed by The University of Tokyo to Be Able to Generate Power from Near Infrared LightPDF(PDF:395KB)
PRESS 2014.09.30
TANAKA and Kuraray Chemical to Jointly Develop Activated Carbon Filters Enabling Recovery of Upwards of 99.8% of Palladium Contained in Plating Rinse Wastewater, and Commence Leasing in SeptemberPDF(PDF:237KB)
PRESS 2014.09.25
TANAKA to Have Exhibit at glasstec 2014PDF(PDF:547KB)
PRESS 2014.09.01
Applications for the Subjects of the “Precious Metals Research Grants” of Up to 5 Million Yen Open on September 1PDF(PDF:96KB)
PRESS 2014.08.19
TANAKA Develops Kit Enabling Simple Test for Diabetes in approximately 10 Minutes To Be Provided in Emerging Countries with Rapidly Growing Diabetic Populations Such as China, Taiwan and IndiaPDF(PDF:302KB)
PRESS 2014.07.29
TANAKA and MEMS CORE Conclude Joint Development Agreement and Commit to Technology Alliance Building a mounting center for MEMS patterning using low-temperature bonding material utilizing gold particlPDF(PDF:1007KB)
PRESS 2014.07.23
Electroplating Engineers of Japan Commences Provision of Electroless Immersion Gold Plating Solution Enabling Plating on Semiconductor Package Substrates without Using Highly Toxic Cyanide CompoundsPDF(PDF:167KB)
PRESS 2014.07.08
TANAKA Develops Silver Paste Able to Form Electronic Circuits Using UV Curing to Support Screen PrintingPDF(PDF:213KB)
PRESS 2014.03.31
Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Recipients of “Precious Metals Research Grants”PDF(PDF:146KB)
PRESS 2014.01.14
Tanaka Precious Metals Commence Sales of Highly Electrically Conductive Silver Alloy Bonding Wire on January 15PDF(PDF:218KB)
PRESS 2014.01.08
Tanaka Precious Metals Commences Sales of High Heat-resistant Aluminum Alloy Bonding Wire on January 9PDF(PDF:243KB)


PRESS 2013.12.10
Tanaka Precious Metals, Newlong Seimitsu Kogyo and Taiyo Chemical Industry Commence to Provide Submicron Gold Particle Micro-composite Pattern Printing Technology on December 4PDF(PDF:223KB)
PRESS 2013.11.26
Tanaka Precious Metals Succeeds in Recovery of Trace Amounts of Precious Metals by Detoxifying Cyanogen Plating Waste LiquidPDF(PDF:120KB)
PRESS 2013.09.26
Tanaka Precious Metals Establishes a Local Subsidiary in Singapore and Commences Operation on October 1PDF(PDF:115KB)
PRESS 2013.08.29
Applications for the Subjects of the 2013 “Precious Metals Research Grants” Open on September 2PDF(PDF:87KB)
NEWS 2013.08.21
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PRESS 2013.07.08
Electroplating Engineers of Japan (EEJA) has launched “POSFER-E series”, which is compact, highly-functional and fully-automated electroplating semiconductor wafer equipment at a competitive pricePDF(PDF:143KB)
NEWS 2013.07.03
TANAKA will be attending to Semicon WEST 2013
NEWS 2013.05.28
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PRESS 2013.05.09
Tanaka Precious Metals First to Obtain ISO/IEC17025 Accreditation for Silver Analysis Technology in JapanPDF(PDF:167KB)
PRESS 2013.04.16
Tanaka Precious Metals Records Highest Shipment Volume of Copper Bonding Wire in 2012 at Approximately Doubling the Previous Year’s VolumePDF(PDF:146KB)
PRESS 2013.03.28
Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Recipients of “Precious Metals Research Grants”PDF(PDF:122KB)
PRESS 2013.03.21
Tanaka Precious Metals Commences Supply of Ultra-compact Crystal Oscillator Package Bonding Material Able to Halve Material Cost on March 22PDF(PDF:434KB)
PRESS 2013.02.26
Tanaka Precious Metals Constructs Dedicated Plant for the Development and Manufacture of Fuel Cell CatalystsPDF(PDF:78KB)
NEWS 2013.01.24
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" February.2013 (English)PDF(PDF:862KB)
PRESS 2013.01.10
Tanaka Precious Metals Commences Providing Samples of High-performance Copper Bonding Wire and Silver Bonding Wire Aimed at Mass Production This SpringPDF(PDF:128KB)


NEWS 2012.12.04
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry"December.2012 (English)PDF(PDF:926KB)
NEWS 2012.11.06
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry"November2012 (English)PDF(PDF:1251KB)
PRESS 2012.09.11
Tanaka Precious Metals Developes High-temperature Thermometer Wire Ten Times Conventional Strength - Samples Available from September 12PDF(PDF:195KB)
PRESS 2012.08.30
Applications for the Subjects of “Precious Metals Research Grants” Open on September 3PDF(PDF:62KB)
NEWS 2012.08.23
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry"SEPTEMBER2012 (English)PDF(PDF:2236KB)
PRESS 2012.08.23
South Korean Heesung Metal Commences Production and Supply of Liquid Crystal Driver IC Plating Solution from Electroplating Engineers of JapanPDF(PDF:161KB)
PRESS 2012.08.21
“Development of Embolic Coils Using a Non-magnetic Alloy” by Tanaka Precious Metals and Others to be Adopted in a Project Commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryPDF(PDF:287KB)
PRESS 2012.07.23
Tanaka Precious Metals Recognized as Elite Supplier of Fuel Cell Catalysts by Ballard Power Systems 5th Consecutive TimePDF(PDF:98KB)
PRESS 2012.07.10
Tanaka Precious Metals opens supply centers in Taiwan, Korea and U.S.A. for thin-film material used in miniaturization technology for next-generation semiconductors, halving delivery times and costsPDF(PDF:63KB)
NEWS 2012.05.31
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry"JUNE2012 (English)PDF(PDF:1894KB)
PRESS 2012.05.29
World-first Replacement of Power Semiconductor Wire with Copper for Mass Production Tanaka Precious Metals Introduces Thick Copper Wire for New Japan RadioPDF(PDF:73KB)
PRESS 2012.05.29
Tanaka Precious Metals Records Highest Shipment Volume of Fuel Cell Catalysts in FY2011PDF(PDF:124KB)
PRESS 2012.04.12
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo Starts Providing Active Brazing Filler Metal Able to Directly Bond to Ceramics at Half the Conventional CostPDF(PDF:191KB)
PRESS 2012.04.06
Tanaka Precious Metals Succeeds in Development of World’s First Platinum Electrode Able to Produce Ozone Solution at 40 Times Existing EfficiencyPDF(PDF:146KB)
NEWS 2012.03.30
Ad Featuring Augmented Reality to be Published in April 2012 Issue of "Asia Electronics Industry" (English Version)PDF(PDF:823KB)
NEWS 2012.03.30
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" April 2012 (English)PDF(PDF:515KB)
PRESS 2012.03.29
Tanaka Precious Metals Group Announces Recipients of “Precious Metals Research Grants”PDF(PDF:37KB)
PRESS 2012.03.27
Tanaka Precious Metals Relocates US Sales Subsidiary to ChicagoPDF(PDF:120KB)
PRESS 2012.01.31
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Establishes Production Subsidiary in Taiwan to Begin Manufacturing of Copper Bonding Wire on February 1"PDF(PDF:88KB)
NEWS 2012.01.27
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" February 2012 (English)PDF(PDF:1687KB)
PRESS 2012.01.19
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Develops World’s First Ruthenium Material Able to Form a Film Up to Six Times the Normal Depth for DRAM Capacitor Electrodes"PDF(PDF:345KB)
NEWS 2012.01.18
網站開幕! 网站开幕! 웹 사이트 오픈!
PRESS 2012.01.17
Press Release; " Tanaka Precious Metals Begins Providing World’s First Silver Ink Able to Form Electronic Circuits with UV Light"
PRESS 2012.01.12
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Begins Sale of Three High-Functional Bonding Wire Products"


PRESS 2011.12.26
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Exclusively Supply Ruthenium Dye for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells"
NEWS 2011.12.26
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" January 2012 (English)PDF(PDF:766KB)
PRESS 2011.12.15
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Starts Operation of Sodegaura Plant on January 5 Next Year"
NEWS 2011.12.08
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PRESS 2011.11.30
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals begins full-scale operation of Malaysian local subsidiary on December 1"
NEWS 2011.11.25
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" December 2011 (Chinese)PDF(PDF:1703KB)
PRESS 2011.11.08
Press Release; Palladium Alloy Plating Solution is Able to Mass-Produce Electrical Contacts as a Substitute for Gold
NEWS 2011.11.01
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" November 2011 (English)PDF(PDF:618KB)
PRESS 2011.09.13
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Expands Lineup of Electron Beam Welding Materials"
PRESS 2011.08.31
Press Release; "Applications for the Subjects of “Precious Metals Research Grants” Open on September 1"
NEWS 2011.08.30
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" September 2011 (English)PDF(PDF:828KB)
PRESS 2011.08.04
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals First to Obtain ISO/IEC17025 Accreditation for Platinum and Palladium Analysis Technology in Japan"
NEWS 2011.07.25
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" August 2011 (Chinese)PDF(PDF:1832KB)
PRESS 2011.07.12
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals and SUSS MicroTec to Jointly Develop Sub-micron Gold Particle Pattern Transfer and Bonding Technology"
PRESS 2011.07.11
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals to Start Producing Copper Bonding Wire in 3 Locations Supply Network Risk Diversification and Doubling Production Capacity"
PRESS 2011.06.28
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Shipment Volume (Index) of Fuel Cell Catalyst for FY2010, Record Shipment Volume of Fuel Cell Catalysts"PDF(PDF:126KB)
PRESS 2011.06.13
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals to Begin Sale of Silver Bonding Wire"
PRESS 2011.05.31
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Recipients of "Precious Metals Research Grants""PDF(PDF:174KB)
NEWS 2011.05.25
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" June 2011PDF(PDF:744KB)
PRESS 2011.05.10
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Recognized as Elite Supplier of Fuel Cell Catalysts by Ballard Power Systems"PDF(PDF:132KB)
NEWS 2011.04.18
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" April 2011PDF(PDF:448KB)
NEWS 2011.02.28
Articles about "Asia Electronics Industry" February 2011 (Chinese)PDF(PDF:1270KB)
PRESS 2011.01.19
Press Release; "Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo to Begin Joint Development of Silver Analysis Technology Aiming at Establishing Global Standard with Japan Mint."PDF(PDF:73KB)


PRESS 2010.11.30
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Shipment Volume (Index) of Fuel Cell Catalyst between FY2004 and the First Half of FY2010."PDF(PDF:107KB)
PRESS 2010.11.24
Press Release; "TOKYO ELECTRON and TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO succeeded the Joint Development of Innovative Recycling Process of Ruthenium Precursors."PDF(PDF:92KB)
NEWS 2010.11.12
Press Release (for China); "Tanaka Precious Metals to Begin Providing Japan's First Large Silver Cylindrical Sputtering Target with a Three Times the Efficiency of Existing Items."
NEWS 2010.09.15
Press Release (for Korea); "First in the world, Tanaka Precious Metals, EEJA, establishes new electroplating solution for Palladium Bumping in substitution for Gold Bumpong in LCD-driver IC."
NEWS 2010.09.07
Press Release (for China); "First in the world, Tanaka Precious Metals, EEJA, establishes new electroplating solution for Palladium Bumping in substitution for Gold Bumpong in LCD-driver IC."
PRESS 2010.09.03
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals succeeds in development of high-sensitivity in-vitro diagnostic kit"PDF(PDF:193KB)
PRESS 2010.08.30
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Announces Shipping Volume of Bonding Wire between January 2008 and June 2010"
PRESS 2010.08.24
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals First to Obtain ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation for Gold Analysis Technology in Japan"PDF(PDF:204KB)
PRESS 2010.07.14
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals establishes ultrathin membrane processing technology for palladium-based hydrogen separation (permeation) membranes"PDF(PDF:236KB)
PRESS 2010.07.13
Press Release; "Tanaka Precious Metals Opens its Branch Office in San Jose, USA"PDF(PDF:62KB)
PRESS 2010.04.05
Press Release; "Easy to use Pork Detection Kits" for the Detection of Pork in Food"PDF(PDF:878KB)