Sales Offices in Japan and Overseas

Support System

Solution sales-based flexible support system

TANAKA's sales team is focused on delivering optimum solutions individually tailored to customer needs via a support system of Japanese offices and 13 overseas facilities in Asia, North America and Europe, etc.

Tanaka Kikinzoku Hanbai K.K.

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Overseas Sales Office

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.

Import and export sales of TANAKA Precious Metals products

1.Seoul BranchTEL: +82-2-588-1854
2.Hong Kong BranchTEL: +852-2736-0011
3.Taipei BranchTEL: +886-2-2536-2053
4.Kaohsiung Sales OfficeTEL: +886-7-269-5152
5.Manila Representative OfficeTEL: +63-2-631-2726

Tanaka Kikinzoku International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

6.Head Office (Shanghai)TEL: +86-21-6448-5988
7.Shenzhen BranchTEL: +86-755-2588-2500

Tanaka Kikinzoku International (America), Inc.

8.Head Office (Chicago)TEL: +1-224-653-8309
9.San Jose BranchTEL: +1-408-779-0461
10.Tanaka Kikinzoku International (Europe) GmbHTEL: +49-69-2193870
11.Tanaka Kikinzoku International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.TEL: +66-2-652-5180
12.Tanaka Kikinzoku International (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.TEL: +60-4-642-9950
13.Tanaka Kikinzoku (Singapore) Private LimitedTEL: +65-6499-9100
1. Seoul 2. Hong Kong 3. Taipei 4. Kaohsiung 5. Manila 6. Shanghai 7. Shenzhen 8. Chicago 9. San Jose 10. Frankfurt(Germany) 11. Bangkok(Thailand) 12. Penang(Malaysia) 13. Singapore

Japan Sales Office

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.

Domestic sales of
TANAKA Precious Metals products

1.Tokyo Head OfficeTEL: +81-3-5222-1300
2.Sendai BranchTEL: +81-22-227-2351
3.Nagoya BranchTEL: +81-52-262-2811
4.Osaka BranchTEL: +81-6-6341-0120
5.Okayama BranchTEL: +81-86-214-1911
6.Fukuoka BranchTEL: +81-92-481-2100
7.Shiga Sales OfficeTEL: +81-749-21-1021
1. Tokyo 2. Sendai 3. Nagoya 4. Osaka 5. Okayama 6. Fukuoka 7. Shiga