Elements Applied Uses of Precious Metals

  • Precious Metal Film Formation Methods

    Everything required for precious metal film formation, from sputtering targets and vapor deposition materials to thick film pastes, plating processes, and plating equipment.

  • Electrical Relay and Connection Technology

    Essential products for a range of electrical and electronic devices, including electrical contact materials, rivet contacts, crossbar contacts and bonding wires.

  • Joining Technology

    Materials and technologies for superior precision joining of a range of items, from electronic to semiconductor components, from aerospace to industrial devices, and even decorations.

  • Equipment and Measuring Devices

    Various materials and manufacturing technologies which is , platinum-centered, for laboratory equipment requiring high reliability in harsh environments and , etc.

  • Advanced Technology

    From manufacture and supply of precious metal compounds used in many industries, development of catalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells and other superior catalysts.

  • Medical Uses

    Consignment manufacturing of high performance in-vitro diagnostics and other test kits using technologies to manufacture gold colloids and to bind proteins to gold colloids and, etc.

  • Environmental Technology

    Providing solutions from recovery and refining of precious metals in scrap material, and remanufacture into products, to precious metals recovery systems and recycling of precious metals in vehicle mufflers.